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Earth Mama Photography is dedicated to capturing those memories so they last forever. I specialize in birth photography, but also love portraiture for your pregnancy, newborn or family. I try to use natural light and shoot on location. This allows my canvas to be the beauty of the world around you. I try to achieve whatever look you may be hoping for, making each portrait a cherished keepsake, unique and inspired. EMP only offers digital packages, allowing you the ability to show your photos to friends and family online.

Elizabeth Boyce is a mom to four beautiful children and has had a camera in her hands since her oldest was very young. She began photographing births for her doula clients about 4 years ago, before it was even popular! After many requests, she expanded into portraiture. She can't decide what she loves the most. Birth photography is photojournalistic and tells the story of a miracle. Portraiture captures a unique moment that may never happen again. Each is special in it's own way and make her better at what she does... capturing your memories.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{Recovered} Plano- Dallas- Mckinney Photojournalist

So a few months back I had a lovely woman named Beth contact me. She was wanting to do a project for a group that helped people overcome abuse they had suffered through in their lives. She had been abused as a child and had an idea in mind for photographs showing her recovery. We exchanged emails and calls for weeks as we hashed out ideas and came up with a game plan. Then about 2 weeks ago, she changed it up on me! We totally changed gears and I LOVE what we ended up with. Beth, you are a phenomenal woman. I am so proud to know you and love that you were brave enough to take this on. M, we couldn't have done it today without you and you are pretty amazing too!

So, we broke it into a couple of parts.

Part One: The Caterpillar: Abused




j-5699 copy





Ok, it has been a long day and I want to share the rest of this shoot, but I HAVE to hit the sack. Beth, you will get to see more tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

{Just in time} Plano- Dallas- Mckinney Maternity Photographer

This beautiful mama is going in to have her baby on Sunday night! We squeezed in our session so that "S" could forever remember herself pregnant and just glowing. We had a great time, just us girls, as we rearranged her living room to get these. She was just fabulous and up for anything. I seriously can't believe she is 40 wks. She is just amazing.

"S" you are going to laugh, because the first is in color! I couldn't help it... it was one of my favs and had to post it. I love how her hair just pops. And ladies, I have done nothing to her skin! Are we all just so jealous now?

Their first "baby" had to get in on the excitement too and, oh, was he a love...
(FYI... this one keeps coming out pixelated. Not sure why, but you can click on it to see it not.)
And a few more that are just stunning...
"S" & "J", I hope these make you smile and that you have a fabulous birth!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

{Scooter introduces his Baby Sister} Plano- Dallas- Mckinney Newborn Photographer

Meet Scooter...


Scooter wanted me to take pictures of him. He tried the basket, but it wasn't his style. He found the black to really make his eyes stand out. Then I caught site of his new baby sister, "A" I had to get some of her too! She was so excited! This was her expression when she found out...

I mean, this was her dream, the entire 8 days she had been alive ;) She wanted to try the velvet first as it just looked so luxurious. It made her so happy, she promptly peed on it.


That made her sleepy though and she soon dozed off. The hard part was she was so cute, I couldn't stop! We had to get some of her sleeping peacefully as well.


And, ofcourse, in pink!
(In case you are wondering, this story is almost entirely made up. Scooter and A are real, and she really did pee on the velvet. Beyond that, I am just in a silly mood! LOL!)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

{An afternoon at the park} Plano-Dallas-Mckinney Family Photographer

I spent yesterday afternoon at the park in fabulous weather with this great family. Their son "B" was so easy to work with and up for anything. He kept me entertained and did a fabulous job! Their daughter "T" was so darling. At 7 mths, she was all smiles for the camera and put up with me for quite some time. Not only that but her blue eyes and polka dot dress were great!

Here are your sneak peaks... hope you enjoy!






{A Beautiful Spring Wedding...} Plano-Dallas-Mckinney Family Photographer

On occasion, for friends, I will photograph a wedding. I am usually on call for births which makes weddings nearly impossible, but this time I wasn't! I had the chance to photograph Cheri and David's wedding. As they were married in the LDS temple we didn't photograph the actual ceremony. We simply did portraits outside the temple afterward and then the reception.

You guys, there are so many, it was hard to choose. I hope you are fabulously happy. You are wonderful together. Congratulations again!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{Adventurous & Beautiful Mama} Plano-Dallas-Mckinney Maternity Photographer

I know this mama is dying to see her sneak peaks from our session. She is specifically hoping for one, but "C" I will send that one to you ;) We had a great time today. She was adventurous and we were able to get one of my all time favorite shots. I am really please with how they turned out. FYI, the first one is a bit "Bare" so be forewarned!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{Baby Girl Beauty} Plano-Dallas-McKinney Newborn Photographer

I had the chance to do a newborn session for this beautiful little girls whose birth I was at not that long ago. She did really great and we got some beautiful images. Oh I could eat her up! Enjoy mom and dad!

And the big sister...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wanna Trade?

OK, so I have enough camera equiptment to last me a lifetime, but I don't have a video camera! My youngest is growing way too fast and I would love to have one. So I am offering to trade a session or two for a digital video camera. It has to be digital, but beyond that I am not terribly picky. Feel free to email me with any offers! Thanks everyone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ice Cream, Football, and Family

I had a great family session this last weekend with one of my best friends. It was a blast. She was so great at just letting her kids be themselves. We played around down at the Harbor in Rockwall on a sunny afternoon. The kids wrestled and messed around and then we let them get ice cream. The only thing I made them do was get the little girls cones, because it is so much cuter in pictures! So these photos are a big jumple of different things. I hope you enjoy your sneak peaks! Thanks for being so great!

My Fav of the Day...
Sisterly Love...
Brotherly "love" LOL!
What families REALLY look like...
Sisters and Shadows...