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Earth Mama Photography is dedicated to capturing those memories so they last forever. I specialize in birth photography, but also love portraiture for your pregnancy, newborn or family. I try to use natural light and shoot on location. This allows my canvas to be the beauty of the world around you. I try to achieve whatever look you may be hoping for, making each portrait a cherished keepsake, unique and inspired. EMP only offers digital packages, allowing you the ability to show your photos to friends and family online.

Elizabeth Boyce is a mom to four beautiful children and has had a camera in her hands since her oldest was very young. She began photographing births for her doula clients about 4 years ago, before it was even popular! After many requests, she expanded into portraiture. She can't decide what she loves the most. Birth photography is photojournalistic and tells the story of a miracle. Portraiture captures a unique moment that may never happen again. Each is special in it's own way and make her better at what she does... capturing your memories.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Specials- Today only!!!

That's right! I love black Friday and it is now 4am and I am just getting home to let you all know that EMP is having a special today as well!!!

Here is the deal...

Purchase a gift certificate for a portrait session (births and packages are excluded) and receive 25% off! Your gift certificate is good for one year from today. So use it for next year's holiday photos! The other great bonus is that you will be locked into our current pricing and won't have to worry if prices go up in the next year.

You will have until Tuesday for me to receive your payment. Please shoot me an email and let me know what you want. There is a limit of 3 gift certificates per person. The totals are as follows- BTW, Please visit our website if you are not familiar with our session details. There are specific restrictions on our half and mini sessions. It can be found at http://www.earthmamaphotography.com/, click on pricing and scroll down!

Full Session - SALE $262.50

Half Session - SALE $187.50

Mini Session - SALE $112.50

This covers your session and digital files only. Cost for travel, location fees, extra subjects, or additional digital files will be subject to current pricing at the time of your session.

Sales tax of 8.25% is added to the total. Please contact me for a mailing address and to confirm your total.

Can't wait to see you thru my lens soon!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

{Wild Hair} Mckinney- Allen- Frisco Newborn Photographer

This session could have gone very differently. I feel like the stars aligned and the sun broke thru the clouds and we were gifted with an amazing afternoon. This little man was NOT 10 days old. LOL! His parents didn't find me until he was 7 weeks old. I agreed to attempt a newborn session, making no promises for being able to actually get him to sleep ;) But he did it! The best part is that he has some of the coolest (and softest) hair I have ever seen! It sticks straight out all over his head. I adored it. This little man is on my Grow with Me plan, so expect to see more of his wild hair and stunning blue eyes.



Sleeping AND smiling! Amazing little man ;)


Loving this basket and the window...


Look at the hair!!! I told you it was fantastic!


Tired of babies in santa hats yet? Good, I am not either!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

{Colorful} Plano- Allen- Dallas Family Photographer

This cool family happens to be close friends of our family, so I was really excited to get to do their family photos. We had a gorgeous afternoon and were able to get some beautiful images that I hope they will love. They have fabulous kids and I only had to threaten to tickle the teenager once or twice ;) They can be so moody, but I love ya, A!!!

Shocking... a real smile and I didn't pay him!




Everyone smiling and looking at the camera! Woot!


We actually have a few fall colors around here...




{Sleeping Perfection} Frisco- Mckinney- Allen Newborn Photographer

I was at this little ones birth only two weeks before this and she had changed so much all ready! I couldn't believe it. She was just beautiful. She snoozed thru the beginning of our session and then woke up and was happy as can be just hanging out whereever I put her. She loved to look at the lights on the Christmas tree. She is just beautiful.

Isn't this GREAT!!!


One of my favs from our session...




Christmas has come early! ;)


{Christmas Smiles} Grapevine- Coppell- Denton Family Photographer

It was time for this sweet girls six month session and since it also happened to be the perfect time for Christmas cards, we headed to the Gaylord Texan and did our session there. Little C was all smiles and showed us how she could stand! That is right... no sitting, just standing up! LOL! We were all quite impressed.

Here she is in all her sweetness!


With Daddy...


With Mommy...




I loved this one...



Thursday, November 19, 2009

{Antiques} Plano- Frisco- Dallas Newborn Photographer

With all the births and newborn session I had going on last week, we had to work around everyone's schedule. I didn't get over to meet this sweet girl in the first week like we had hoped, but she was great anyway! She was another bigger baby and did so great for our session. She had quite the adoring crew... a brother and sister, who followed me around telling me all about everything! I love welcoming crews! The best part was that mom had some beautiful, antique family heirlooms that we used. Knit hats, blessing gowns, and other beautiful things that we incorporated into our session. I loved it!

Look at those lips...


Isn't she sweet!


Her siblings loving on her...


And ofcourse, the smiles come out AFTER we take the baby ;)


A family heirloom...


The beautiful gown that babies are brought home from the hospital in, ring and all...


{Chubby Cheeks} Mckinney- Princeton- Allen Newborn Photographer

I had the joy of meeting this sweet girl. She was quite the chubby babe and oh so wonderful for our session. Her mama and papa were so glad to have her here and we were all thrilled with how peacefully she slept for our session. We were able to get some great shots, as well as her amazing eyes when she was awake. Check out these cheeks!


On Daddy's special sheepskin from when he was a baby...



Sleeping beauty...


Just in time for Christmas...


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{Perfectly Planned} Frisco- Mckinney- Allen Birth Photographer

I was the doula and photographer for this birth. This mama had worked hard to envision and plan for her perfect birth scenario. While I know it was a little harder than she thought it might be, everything went just beautifully and we were able to acheive a natural birth. Not only that, but she beautifully implemented the hypnobabies she had practiced thru her pregnancy. It was an honor to be there as she and her family welcomed their new baby girl!











{A primal birth} Dallas- Uptown- Downtown Birth Photographer

Primal is the absolute best way to describe this birth. Not only is mom stunningly beautiful, but she was so full of life and expression during her labor and birth. Seriously, she is a birth photographers dream! Not only was she in serious labor, but she was laughing inbetween contractions. Her first birth was really short, so when I got the call, I flew out the door and drove down Dallas. Got there with a short hour to spare. And was greatly rewarded with a beautiful birth. Enjoy!