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Earth Mama Photography is dedicated to capturing those memories so they last forever. I specialize in birth photography, but also love portraiture for your pregnancy, newborn or family. I try to use natural light and shoot on location. This allows my canvas to be the beauty of the world around you. I try to achieve whatever look you may be hoping for, making each portrait a cherished keepsake, unique and inspired. EMP only offers digital packages, allowing you the ability to show your photos to friends and family online.

Elizabeth Boyce is a mom to four beautiful children and has had a camera in her hands since her oldest was very young. She began photographing births for her doula clients about 4 years ago, before it was even popular! After many requests, she expanded into portraiture. She can't decide what she loves the most. Birth photography is photojournalistic and tells the story of a miracle. Portraiture captures a unique moment that may never happen again. Each is special in it's own way and make her better at what she does... capturing your memories.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Before and After

I could have easily titled this post a lot of things, such as, "Why it is important to hire a skilled portrait photographer" or "Don't hang a baby from a tree" or "Reason #307 of why I don't give out unedited images". I figured before and after says it all!

The following images are an example of a before and after. They are also an example of a composite. A composite is when a photographer combines two images and blends them together to create one. In this instance, I took the image of the baby being supported by moms front arm and one where her arm was removed and blended them together. I then edited out her back arm, straightened the image, and then added a background to add depth. From that point, I did my normal amount of editing.

Please remember that half of your photographers job is editing your images. It takes time and skill and know how to acheive a polished image. It is likely that when you see an image of a baby hanging from a tree, that image was a composite. Please don't attempt it!

Remember that when you pay for your custom portraiture, you aren't just paying for my time at our session. You are paying for the time I have spent learning these skills and applying them to create unique images from your session!