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Earth Mama Photography is dedicated to capturing those memories so they last forever. I specialize in birth photography, but also love portraiture for your pregnancy, newborn or family. I try to use natural light and shoot on location. This allows my canvas to be the beauty of the world around you. I try to achieve whatever look you may be hoping for, making each portrait a cherished keepsake, unique and inspired. EMP only offers digital packages, allowing you the ability to show your photos to friends and family online.

Elizabeth Boyce is a mom to four beautiful children and has had a camera in her hands since her oldest was very young. She began photographing births for her doula clients about 4 years ago, before it was even popular! After many requests, she expanded into portraiture. She can't decide what she loves the most. Birth photography is photojournalistic and tells the story of a miracle. Portraiture captures a unique moment that may never happen again. Each is special in it's own way and make her better at what she does... capturing your memories.

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank You!

I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who participated in Beautiful You today. Jessie, Allison, Margaret, Windy, Tanya, Amy, Bethany & Alison... You are fabulous! Thank you for being fun, relaxed, confident and beautiful women. Thank for your talents and sharing yourself with me. I am exhausted, but fulfilled. My heart is full and my life is blessed.

I will be working diligently over the next 12 days to get your photos ready in time for Valentine's day. They will be ready for pick up or to be mailed by 10am on Thursday, February 12th. Watch your email for more details!

Ok, off to bed for some much needed sleep!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beautiful You CD's

Those who have booked a session will each be receiving a CD with their high resolution photographs on it. Each CD will be personalized for you with a photo and a short message. I thought I would post a quick picture of what your CD will look like. This is for my "model" who I did my test shoot with at the location for Saturday's event.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What you can expect...

As Beautiful You approaches quickly, I thought I would post a few samples of the last time I did this! It will give you an idea of what to look forward to. As of right now, we only have one spot left open. If you were hoping to book a session, please contact me quickly!

I have been asked several times if I edit out your "flaws". While I don't think any part of any woman is "flawed", I recognize you may not agree. So here are a few samples. The before picture is simply the photo taken straight out of the camera. I then go in and smooth your skin, removing wrinkles, blemishes, lines, etc. I define and sharpen your eyes, making them pop. If necessary, I may darken your lip color or eye shadows and define or lengthen your eye lashes. None of this is necessary, however, if you would rather have a more natural look.
FYI: You should be able to click on the picture to view it bigger and see more detail.

I can also give you photos a different look. They can be converted with filters into Black and White, Sepia, or similar color effects...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun afternoon in the city...

I had the chance to do a session in downtown Dallas today. It was a blast! They were so great to work with and up for anything as we traipsed around Dallas. Not to mention their little guy has some of the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I got the chance to do some things a little differently than normal and I am hoping I caught their vision of what they were looking for. More to come guys!

I just had to post this outtake. It was so stinkin cute! I mean, who can resist a face like that!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beautiful You Packages

“Ooo la la” $110

A 45 minute photo session and 10-12 fully edited high resolution photos on CD with a print release.

15 minute massage scheduled in advance

1 5x7 print of your favorite photo

Hair & Makeup Assistance and Accessories included

A personalized photo greeting card sent to your valentine

“Keep it simple” $75

A 30 minute photo session and 7-9 fully edited high resolution photos on CD with a print release.

Hair & Makeup Assistance and Accessories included

A personalized photo greeting card sent to your valentine

“Girl’s Day Out” Special!

Book a session with 2 or more of your girlfriends and you will each receive $10 off your package price. You each can choose whichever package meets your needs and still receive the discount. This will give you ladies the chance to get ready together and help you relax as you are surrounded by other women who love you! It is important to book GDO specials early so that we may ensure your sessions are grouped together

"Keep it Simple" GDO $65
"Ooo la la" GDO $100

If your package does not include massage or you would like additional time, you may purchase it when you arrive. It will be $1 per minute. You may also upgrade your package the day of the event if there is space for you to do so. A non-refundable $30 deposit is due when you book and the remainder is due the day of your session. The deposit can be mailed or thru paypal. You spot is not guaranteed until payment is received, however. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled session time for keep it simple and 45 minutes before your session time for Ooo la la sessions. Keep that in mind when booking your time!

Beautiful You...

Here it is! You knew it was coming, I'm sure. Just in time for Valentine's Day. There are a few details below. Click on the picture to open and view bigger. Package details and specific prices will be out shortly!! Only a few time slots will be open, so book quickly. Oh and there is a special if you come with two or more friends (each of you booking your own session) so make sure to spread the word!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ooo La La

Allison offered awhile back to model for me if I ever needed a plus size model. HAHAH! Yeah. I laughed out loud too! Plus size, my butt! So I took her up on the offer. Little did she know that I would make her work for three hours. She claims to have had fun though. Hopefully she is happy with her photos and I am sure her hubby will be happy as this was his Valentine's day gift! I called this one "Ooo La La".

I think this one is my fav...

Eye popping blue eyes and red hair...

So I asked a few friends if I could borrow a house for a shoot and Jessie volunteered. Well little did she know that I would suck her in for photos! As I was shooting I kept noticing how beautiful she looked in the light. Her red hair and blue eyes just popped. I hope she loves them as much as I do, because she is just gorgeous.

This first one is my absolute fav...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Stunning and Sexy Mom-to-be

I did a session for "E" today. WOW. She wanted some pictures of her that would make her feel beautiful. I hope we did that! She is being brave and letting me post a few samples, even though they are a bit "sexy". I assured her that only she would notice any flaws. The rest of us will just be jealous that we don't look half that good!

So without further ado...

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Cool Ice Storm

I just couldn't resist the chance to snap a few photos during the mini ice storm we had today. It was great light... late in the day and everything had a blue cast to it. These were a small tree in our front yard. Had to share!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A fun bunch of kiddos...

I had a session on Saturday morning with a really great family. They happen to be good friends, so I really didn't want to miss it. I got home from my birth and into bed around 4am and was back up and ready to go at it again in 4 short hours. We ended up going to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and did about a 2mi loop. Let me tell you... I was exhausted.

However, I was pleased as punch to come home and see what I captured. We just did the kiddos this go round. They were absolutely great. Even "S" the teen put up with my antics. Their outfits just called out for black and white images, so the sneak peaks are heavy in that area.

Our shoot covered just about everything...

Jumping off things...
Admiring a cute baby...
Sister smooches...
Goofing around... and btw, this is what most EMP sessions look like. Don't be fooled by all the well posed and smiling portraits of children!
Sitting on rocks, sunbathing...
Baby bits, ofcourse...
And walking. Lots of walking. This one was slightly posed, but they naturally would fall into birth order as they hiked through the preserve, just like this one. It was great!
So guys, enjoy! There is lots more to come. I am slowly digging myself out from the mounds of photos I have to edit!

Baby "L" made it!

I was called Friday evening to a birth that went through the night. It was amazing. "S" labored like a champ. She was calm and beautiful. "J", her devoted hubby, did an amazing job coaching her through her contractions. She achieved her goal of delivering naturally and has a beautiful new daughter "L" added to their family. Can I just say I love births! I really have the greatest job. I even made it home in time to run out the door to my 9am family session. I am TIRED, but so happy. Her are a few sneak peaks!

This is one of my favs. "S" had been told by her nurse that she shouldn't use the birth ball after her water broke. Well, she decided to anyway and fluid went everywhere! This is her laughing and "J" diving to help catch it with a towel. We got a good laugh... and didn't tell the nurse!

An absolutely wonderful moment... "J" got to catch "L" and put her on her mama's belly. His expression is so serious and intent. He truely loves that baby girl. Apparently he was able to do the same with his first and she was a bit slippery... he had a good grip this time!

During intense contraction right near the end, "S" needed "J" to hold both hands at the same time. What a team.